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Spanish Language Training (B1&B2)
Know your way around the Spanish Language Training(B1&B2)


Be it curiosity or passion, learning a new language always pumps up to leap. It accelerates the learning process of an individual that helps grow the interpersonal skills. In recent years, the Spanish language course is coming out as the step of the fulfillment of one’s dream. A dream to be a successful person with fluency in Spanish. If you are one of those aspirants who have acquired some knowledge of Spanish and want to move further by upgrading your skills, you should enroll in Spanish language classes online for B1-B2 levels.

While the B1 Spanish language course denotes intermediate level, B2 is an upper-intermediate level course. It requires six months to complete the course structured as per the DELE AND SIELE exams. It covers around 60% of the grammar of the language that prepares aspirants for corporate jobs.

Moreover, speaking other than a native language always opens the door of opportunities. It boosts your career overseas when you know the language of the country. Once you know the language of business and country, it adds lots of credibility to your resume. Somehow it explains the dedication of yours that you have learned more than one language. It opens many pathways to walk for reaching the top in career. Once you learn Spanish language online, it lets you lead the way to success with an extraordinary grasp of the language.

Learn N Lead helps you to get the certification online as per the global standard. The curated Spanish language course comprises online classes, interactive sessions, group discussion, and many activities to give students a thorough understanding. Also, this Spanish language program adds a feather to your hat of achievements.

What Are the Goals of the Spanish Language Online Training Program?

B1 Level of Spanish Language
  • Spanish language classes aim to offer all the candidates to be fluent in speaking the language. Also, it facilitates all skills requires to be fluent in writing, reading, and listening to the language pieces.
  • On completion of the Spanish online language course, you will be able to structure sentences in Spanish languages.
  • Skill a candidate with the adequate linguistic ability for comprehension to learn the language in a better way.
  • Enable a student to learn to take action in daily situations and circumstances.
    Make a candidate able to describe an experience, event, expectation, and wish.
    It also aims to let the students express their feelings or clarify plans in Spanish.
  • B2 Level of Spanish Language
  • Once candidates complete their B2 level of the Spanish language course, they learn a little extra learning of dialect.
  • Also, through online Spanish classes, you learn to convert what it is needed to be in Spanish decisively in a number of subjects.
  • Completing B2 level the Spanish language enhances the skills of a student to express and compose rapidly the ideas in their mind without any hassle.
  • B2 level of Spanish classes online enables you to understand the complex text and interpret the sentences. Also, you can compose long speeches on your own.
  • It helps the candidate to learn the spontaneity in the interaction of day to day life without a strain. And it becomes easy for a candidate to explain their complex thoughts smoothly.
  • So, learn Spanish online course to grow in your career with lots of new opportunities. Moreover, check the career prospects after completing the Spanish language course from Learn N Lead.

    Career Prospects :

    Once you complete your Spanish language online courses, you open many ways to grow in your career with extra skill. Some of the job prospects that you can get with this course are as follows:

  • The learned person can work in many domestic and international firms or organizations.
  • Not only the corporate world but also, lets you make a career in the culinary business.
  • Meanwhile, if you are a business owner it helps you to negotiate with a Spanish speaker letting you avail of the opportunity.
  • You can pursue your career as an interpreter, translator, modulator, and so on.
  • It lets you be a consultant with any organization for the Spanish language.
  • If you’re a fluent speaker of the Spanish language, you can boost your career in the finance or banking sector which is quite an influential business sector.
  • It also lets you venture into the education sector; you can become an instructor or metro for the Spanish language. Or else, you can open your institution to teach students in school or colleges.
  • Course Highlights :

    This Spanish language course comprises 150 hours of training online. And highly experienced mentors host the class with extensive knowledge of the language. A native speaker helps you to learn the language to make you a fluent speaker. In addition to this, the online class for learning the Spanish language ensures a healthy environment that emphasizes overall learning rather than reading and listening. The group discussion enhances the communication skills of a candidate. Along with books, audiovisual aids help a lot to understand the study materials for a thorough understanding. Besides, there are multiple rejoining sessions for all the candidates to learn the language as better as they can.

    Why Should You Opt for Learn N Lead to Move Forward?

    Learn N Lead is a highly prominent institution, providing professional online Spanish courses to enthusiastic applicants who aim to become fluent in speaking a foreign language. While making a candidate well-spoken in Spanish, We at ‘Learn N Lead’ offer a better learning environment to explore lots of things.

    The mentors having phenomenal experience in teaching are dedicated to their work and offer you dynamic learning. The interactive sessions make every point clear like crystal. And explain each concept associated with language for a better understanding. Considering the international standards, the mentors at Learn N Lead make it easy to understand every aspect of the Spanish language course.

    Not only this but also, many extempore and group discussions are there to excel on the course. We believe in building confidence in a candidate to leap forward rather than providing enough education to get the certification. So, it would be the best decision to choose Learn N Lead for a promising career with Spanish language certification.

Program Curriculum
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Read FAQs
Find answers to all your queries and doubts here.

What will happen If I miss a Spanish Language Class after enrolling in this course?

After taking the admission if you miss a class or the class is suspended for any reason, then you will obtain a backup class in some other batch.

For this, contact the Learn N Lead support team or drop an email at

Is Spanish language course a good choice for my career?

Yes, the Spanish language is a good course when opted and completed by anyone. It adds a wonderful feather in your cap and rewards you with an in-demand skill that will boost your career. Once you learnt the Spanish Language and become adept in it, then you will be able to perform the following job roles and KRAs easily. Tutor and trainer of the Spanish language. Spanish Language Expert in the travel and tourism industry. Customer Service Executive with a specialty in this language. Inbound/Outbound Officer in an MNC. Travel Sales Consultant (Spanish Language)..

Am I going to get any study material for the Spanish Language Course through Learn N Lead?

Yes, you will obtain the study material when you take admission in this language course. The study material which you will receive includes the content that is written and edited by the experts to give a brief overview of the language. The study material is provided either in hard copy or in soft copy. The mode of the study material depends on your requirement and the rules of our educational organization. However, you can make any special request by talking to our experts regarding your study material.

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