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German Language Training (A1&A2)
Know your way around the German Language Training (A1&A2).


If central and Eastern Europe is on your bucket list then learning the German language will give you a better opportunity for exploration as German is spoken extensively in Europe. You will always find happiness in learning something new which comes with an added advantage of opening doors to never-ending possibilities. Learning a new language always adds an advantage to your growth and career and learning German would increase your chances of exploring more in Germany and Europe. Whether you are a student or a professional, Germany has a lot to offer and to thrive in Germany you need to master the native language.

Learning a new language can add to our personality as well, it can enhance your cognitive skills and it is a proven fact that bilinguals tend to have a bigger brain as compared to those who speak only a single language.

The German language certification trainingoffered by Learn N Lead is a part of the Global language program and aims at building professionals who are ready for bridging the language gap for utmost professional success. Invest your valuable time in your overall growth and development to reach the zenith of success.

What are The Benefits of Learning German Language ?

The benefits of learning the German language are multifarious. The German language is associated with investors and innovators. If you are interested in investing in Germany ten you need to become fluent in German. If you are a student looking to pursue studies abroad then Germany is your best bet as they offer several scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students plus german education is best-in-class. Master German-speaking skills will benefit you in the long run and it will only add substance to your current resume.

Germany produces A-grade automobiles if the Automobile industry fascinates you then learning German would kickstart your automobile career. German is an academic language and thus is used for scientific purposes, if science is your field then you should learn German for new and bigger opportunities. Moreover, Germany is the powerhouse of the economy and learning German would mean moving a step ahead towards securing a stable economic future for yourself.

Objectives of The German Language Certification Training :

Learn the correct pronunciation of the German language in order to master phonetics and the dialects.
Great emphasis is given on the word order in German hence you get a stronghold of the sentence structure hence keeping all the complexities at bay.
Get comfortable with German vocabulary and grammar.
Comprehension of noun gender like Der, die, das, dem, den, des, ein and eine so that you become competent in differentiating between female, male and neuter German nouns which are quite essential in the process of learning the German language.

Career Prospects :

There are several fields that you can try after becoming fluent in German, to list a few, you can grab a hefty paying job as an interpreter or as a translator in several national and international organizations. It would also allow you to get your hands on the excellent education that Germany has to offer. Apart from this, you can venture into the Automobile industry that is quite rewarding as far as outcomes and paybacks are concerned. Not only this but German medicines are best-in-class and the technology is quite advanced so you can also try in the health sectors once you become fluent in German. Germany is an oyster of Global market leaders and becoming fluent in Germany would allow you to step into those markets and you could secure a rewarding career for yourself. Learn once and you can utilise the endless scope of the German language as per your likings and preferences. It will always give you an upper hand and you will stand out from the crowd.

Course Highlights :

The course curriculum follows a standardised strategy where the course begins by focusing on the simpler sentences and gradually working your way up slowly. Beginner German tips are shared with all the participants to keep them motivated towards learning the German language. The course is delivered by means of involving participants into activities like watching German movies, German TV shows, reading blogs, YouTube videos and listening to German music. Apart from this we also provide real-world videos to impart practical learning and therefore the results are quick and easy to achieve.

Why you Should Go Forward with Learn N Lead ?

We deliver a total of 150 training hours to the participants. German learning resources are shared with each and every individual attending German language training with us. We also offer certification after a series of assessments for evaluating the calibre of the individuals.

We at Learn N Lead, do not follow the procedure of cramming up the whole German dictionary instead we focus on the words that are often used as a part of casual and formal communication. Moreover, we do not attempt to teach everything at once, slow and steady steps are taken in moderation and we strictly stick to the bottom-up approach.

Program Curriculum
An overview of what you will learn from this program.

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Read FAQs
Find answers to all your queries and doubts here.

Is the German language difficult to learn?

German is a bit difficult owing to the fact that it has impossible sounds. But if you practice and do not ignore the pronunciation of the German language then it comes easy to you. Learning a new thing requires patience and perseverance.

What if I miss a class?

Cover-up sessions are offered to every participant.

Will I be getting a certificate after the completion of the course?

Your overall performance is evaluated and based on that you receive a certification from our end upon the completion of the language course

Is it possible to get in touch with the instructor for any query?

You can discuss any doubts or queries with your instructor through your Learn N Lead account ID. Or else you can drop an email at

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