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Scrum Master Certification Training


A unique methodology to vary your state of mind is none aside from Scrum master. The Scrum Master Certification Training will enables you in performing out of the lead with perfection.The process of training is totally professional which assist you to stay relevant and consistent with the market strategies. Most of the time best organisation don’t need any proof, similarly scrum master benefits you and your organisation also. As we all know learning something new is always challenging and it can affect the certain things. In case you are newer to the process, even then there’s nothing to stress because achieving the certification will cause you to professional by teaching within the digital methods. Once you achieve the certification you’ve got full chance to get older and up.


Grab the necessary facts of Scrum Master Professional:


In today’s era, SCRUM Master Certification is the kind of certification that will seriously uplift your career. As per our previous student reviews, this course enables highly supporting role in facilitating and teaches the Scrum practices to all or any of the people that are willingness to establish better career. After completion of training period all the candidates are awarded the Scrum Master certification by SCRUMVersity only after passing the certification exams.


What are the most Benefits of Scrum Master Certification?


This course is specially created for software development projects. The scrum master accelerate the performance of team work. It helps in improving the completion of project successfully on a particular period of time .




The exam format is of intermediate level. The content and questions of the exam are MCQs generally. The toal number of questions would be 100 with no negative marking concept. Latest passing percentage is 95. The exam duration would be of 120 minutes.



In this certification the Audience Profile says that anyone who have an interest to become the Scrum Master are highly welcome and this certification is totally appropriate for everybody .



within the provision formal prerequisites is none for this certification. It is compulsory to finish the Scrum Developer Professional (SDPTM) before the appliance of Scrum Master Professional Certification. You are suggested to involve in classroom training for two days.


How to Apply Scrum Master Professional training simply?


All the formalities are often completed online, only you would like to urge registered into the and apply for the exam or to attend the classes. However the classes are also attended online. The upfront fees for the course $250. After the same You need to pay very nominal charges around 250 USD.

Learning Outcomes

As a CSM, you will be well equipped to help the Scrum team perform at their maximum capability, overcoming obstacles and guiding them on the Scrum framework. A CSM is considered a ‘servant leader’, who leads through example and essentially facilitates the team members to achieve project success.

People who have successfully achieved the PSM I demonstrate a foundational level of Scrum mastery and are well versed in the terminology and approach to Scrum. Passing the PSM II acknowledges a deeper understanding of Scrum principles and the ability to apply Scrum in complex situations.

Course Durations: 18 Hours

Course Reviews


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