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The Service Design (SD) module is one of intermediate level certification in ITIL. This certification primarily focuses on the candidate’s knowledge for the design part of IT Services, processes and other important aspects of IT Service management. This certification program at Learn N Lead is available in two learning patterns i.e. online training or classroom training. The course curriculum is approved been APMG and CSME and also includes quizzes and test papers for better result outcomes.

The ITIL Service Design capability approves an IT expert’s capacity to outline steady Service Design practices to more readily adjust IT to business and client needs. This course will instruct you to arrange, actualize, and improve Service Design in IT conditions, setting you up for the ITIL Expert and Master’s degrees of the ITIL system.

This certification program as specified by name, focuses on design part of IT Services, IT processes and documentation. This will make the candidate meets the need of an organisation.

What are the Course Objectives?

  • Deliver training aligned with ITIL® Service Design Syllabus as per latest ITIL Exam Pattern
  • Impart indepth knowledge in ITIL® Service Design Processes and Key Concepts.
  • Provide End to End support to candidates in pre and post exam processes
  • Inculcate continuous learning habit through providing access to ITIL resources.

Course Content :-

Lesson Number Lesson Name
1 Introduction to ITIL
2 Introduction to Service Design
3 Service Design Principles
4 Service Design Processes
5 Service Design Technology Related Activities
6 Organizing For Service Design
7 Technology Considerations
8 Implementation and Improvement of Service Design
9 Challenges, Critical Success Factors & Risks
10 Summary and Direct Studies

What will you Learn :-

  • Basic know how of principles and process of IT Service Design.
  • How design plays an important role in overall service management.
  • How IT service maximizes a organization growth.
  • Determine how the design part is related to other process of ITIL Service Management.
  • How IT professional can use the benefits that the intermediate certification provides.

How to Get Certified with ITIL® SD Certification Training? :-

  • Completion of 16 hours of E-learning training.
  • You should apply and crack for the ITIL® Foundation Certification exam.
  • Minimum 65% pass score is required.
  • Must have gain 2 credits.

Who should do this Course? :-

  • Individuals who wants to have basic understanding of ITIL framework and want to enhance the quality of IT Service of an organization..
  • IT professionals of the organization who have adapted ITIL for an ongoing service improvement program.
  • IT professionals that empowers business managers and business process owners

Course Durations: 16 Hours

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