Post Graduate Program in UI & UX Design

Post Graduate Program in UI & UX Design

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  • Multiple Industrial Projects
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PGP in UI and UX design

Learn how to design beautiful interfaces.

The coming generation has brought in several opportunities for the professional to opt for and in education likewise. Digitalization has taken a step in and has revolutionized several industries with its exceptional outcomes for the business organization in a positive format. Due to this, some software has come into existence and has boosted the software industry with a great high. In the industry, with diverse software, there is a rise in infinite developers who has the skills to operate such software and are in high demand by the organization and companies. The software that is largely in demand is UI and UX software development. The developer tends to meet new developers and design now and then because as it is claimed to be a well-known software. The software is updated with well-versed and knowledgeable enthusiasts to keep the user experience smooth, sleek, and face no interference.


Why opt for Learn N Lead PGP in UI and UX design certification?
  • Will provide with the utmost knowledge of variation and change over computer platform application in a short period.
  • To understand the strict guidelines and design principles for mobile software application software developments.
  • The course is very crucial for the UI and UX designer to get to the roots of the certification and learn the modern design norms and principles.
  • The professionals opting for the course will have their hands on developing a creative interface with the latest, modern industry knowledge supplied to them that is present around the world.

  • Why choose To learn N Lead PGP in UI and UX design certification?
  • The PGP in UI and UX is formulated by keeping in account all the crucial criteria for the professional.
  • The course will provide the designers' knowledge, skills, excellence to work smoothly, be consistent, and work peacefully on the development projects.
  • The professional will gain basic UI/UX processes, wire framing, UI prototyping, UX writing, visual communication, interaction design coding, and more.
  • Instructors of the course are selected from well-known universities after many selection processes.
  • They are well-experienced, have the best expertise in the field, well-versed with the latest and modern teaching methods.
  • The curriculum is formulated with keeping in account all the latest trends learning to make the designers ready for the outer world.
  • It includes relevant concepts and topics that are important for the designer pursuing his career in UI and UX design such as application of UX design, contextual inquiry, personas empathy map, stakeholder map, journey map, information architecture, content strategy planning phases, Voice and tone assessment, SEO and accessibility, audience engagement, card sorting, taxonomies, tree tests, mental models, way finding, UX copywriting, wire framing, design hypothesis, discovery concept strategy and many more.
  • The course study material will be provided to which includes videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes, and projects.
  • The capstone projects are particularly for the professionals to practice and gain knowledge and project are forgetting their hands-on informative website design, redesign of social media, design of forms for the retail and baking sectors, and many others.

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    Why UI & UX Design

    Present the right appearance to the user is half the battle.


    UI/UX designers in India have a professional work experience of 5 years.


    Jobs are open for candidates with 0 to 5 years of experience.

    2.5 Million

    2.5 million calls from around the globe for job postings.


    Indian software development industry is growing 33% CAGR.


    India to become one of the top 3 markets for UI & UX Designer by 2023.

    On the completion of this program, you will learn:
    You will be well-versed with tools such as Adobe XD, sketch, photoshop, azure, Figma
    You will learn skills such as UX research, collaboration, wire framing, and UI prototyping, UX writing visual communication, interaction design, coding, etc.
    Deep understanding of the design thinking process as a pro UI and UX designer
    Will learn the software development tool and techniques
    eligible to be the ideal candidate for UI and UX designing roles for software companies.
    Program Highlights

    See which benefits you can derive by joining this program.

    Online Program
    12-month online program
    Online Lab Sessions
    Learn N Lead has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organizations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.
    Dedicated Placement Team
    Industry leaders guidance for better aspects
    Multiple mock interview sessions in between the program
    Leading companies access for numerous opportunities
    Become Job-ready
    Practical knowledge enhanced by taking real world case studies.
    Get knowledge of tools like AdobeXd, Sketch, Figma, Photoshop.
    Various industry leader sessions to get in-depth industry insights
    Program Curriculum

    An overview of what you will learn from this program.

    • Introduction to UX Design
    • Principles of UXD
    • Applications of UXD
    • Information Architecture Modeling
    • Site Maps | User-flow design
    • Functionality Workflows
    • UX Copywriting
    • What is wireframing? Why? Low-fid, Mid-fid and High-fid wireframing
    • Click-through Wireframe Prototyping
    • User Guide
    • Increase adoption, Reduce Drop-offs
    • Evoke a positive feeling about using the product
    • Repeat usage & New user acquisition
    • Edge over competition & Higher revenue, margin
    • Creation of Design Hypothesis with a Sample Case study
    • The need for R&A
    • Contextual-inquiry (CI) | Personas Empathy map | Stakeholder map
    • User Experience | Journey map
    • Discovery-Concept-Strategy & Design Stage
    • Introduction to Information Architecture
    • Content strategy planning phases
    • Content audits | Voice and tone assessment
    • SEO and accessibility
    • Audience engagement | Personas
    • Card sorting | Taxonomies
    • Tree tests
    • Mental models and use cases
    • Wayfinding | Navigation
    • Product Types: Best practices and solutions
    • The Psychology of Design
    • The Business of UX
    Capstone Projects

    Test your skills and mettle with a capstone project.

    Informative Website
    The learner’s task is to design a comprehensive and informative website that presents the facts, figures, and editor opinions about a particular topic fairly and in an unbiased way. You will have to design a blog post section where the writers can post their thoughts and a comment section where the readers can weigh in.

    Redesign In Social Media
    Social media websites are extremely complicated pieces of software engineering and computer science. If we take Facebook for instance, it is a very large scale software development project with billions of users. One small mistake on the website will be magnified billions of times over.

    Sign UP Form Design For Retail and Bank
    The learner’s task is to design a paper form which will be used for customer signup purposes in the retail sector and in the banking sector. The form should have correctly placed blank spaces for all the customer details and the customer signature. Its sections should be spaced apart evenly and the formatting should be very logical and function-based.

    Lead Generation Landing Page
    Every commercial company needs a lead generation landing page so that the potential customers can input their information and thus become leads. Later, the sales team of the company can follow up on the leads and offer their products and services to the customers.


    Blog or Digital Publication
    The learner’s task is to design an attractive and unique blog with all the regular features of a blog page. This includes a comment section, a keywords or tags section, an entire gamut of theme choices, a site-wide new activity section, a latest posts section, and a dates section. The blog should feature beautiful and engaging content which will drive the users to come back again and again to it and eventually become leads.

    Ecommerce Website
    The learner’s task is to create sketches, wireframes, and visual mockups for an ecommerce website similar to Amazon’s. The website should have a product search page which can perform fast, efficient, and accurate product searches and help the potential customers to find the items they desire. There should also be a product detail page that displays all the relevant information about a product which the customers may wish to view.

    Mobile App Design
    Mobile apps are a favourite of UI/UX designers because they are compact, have straightforward design requirements and principles, and don’t require a lot of effort to go from the visual mockups to a fully functioning prototype. The learner’s task is to choose any popular mobile app and redesign its user interface and user experience to be more fluid, efficient, and beautiful.
    Email Drip Campaign
    Emails are an important part of an organization’s marketing strategy since social networks have not yet succeeded in diminishing the frequency of email communication. For this project the learner has to choose a business client and design a series of 4 emails for them. He has to analyze the client’s business needs and demands and craft the emails accordingly so that through them they are converted into paying customers.

    Marketing Website
    Marketing websites are very popular in the modern internet spectrum because they are user-facing websites that perform the most essential function – converting visitors into trialers and later into paying customers. The learner’s task for this project is to design a website mockup that displays all the relevant and appealing information about a certain product and facilitates the movement of visitors from the discovery phase to the conversion phase.

    Web App Design
    A web app is a digital product that users can connect to with their computer, like Facebook, Gmail, Amazon, Google drive or any of the other myriad applications. The learner’s task for this project is to identify a problem domain which can be solved by a simple or complex web app and design the materials for it accordingly. Your final submission prototype should contain wireframes, sketches, dashboard for the app.


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    FAQs & Answers

    Find all the answers for your doubts

    What is the PGP UI/UX design course from Learn N Lead and what makes it different from individual courses?

    The UI/UX post-graduate program is a sophisticated learning process established by some of the best professionals in the field. The format of the course curriculum has been established to allow even a complete beginner to follow and comprehend the course advancement effectively. As soon as you finish your course, our world-class professors assure you to become a master of UI/UX design..

    Can Learn N Lead provide the PGP in UI & UX course at a location near me??

    The material of our course is aimed at learners worldwide. You may access our material 24/7 at any time of the day, regardless of whether you live in any nation – India/Canada/USA/Philippine/Singapore, Malaysia/Australia or other European countries like UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Germany –. This is because we have 100% internet access to our material. All our material at home or your workplace may be accessed..

    Can I ask for a support and doubt clearing session if I want to understand the topics at a deeper level?

    You may register a ticket with a specialist support team at any time. Learn N Lead provides a 24/7 inquiry response. We offer help for all requests for both email and video chat. If your inquiry is not addressed by email in an appropriate period, we will schedule one session live with our world-class teachers, who will be glad to help you through your doubts..

    Does Learn N Lead provide any kind of job assistance?

    By assisting students who successfully finish the course and pass all examinations, projects, and assignments, Learn N Lead is supporting its students. We collaborate with several MNCs and other leading companies worldwide. You can effectively get a job at numerous leading companies and similarly big companies through our networks of connections. We also provide many free seminars and workshops on how to prepare your curriculum vitae and job interviews. We will also offer advice sessions to mentor careers and take part in career fairs.

    Which kind of projects are assigned as part of the training?

    Learn N Lead gives its trainees the most up-to-date high-value, relevant and practical assignments. They have a lot of real-world value since they are meticulously created by our world-class teachers to offer the students with practical and practical experience. We offer a secure and confident way to you via which the information you have learned in a real-life working setting may be implemented. These projects are a component of every Learn N Lead course and test your learning, expertise, and practical knowledge extensively to prepare you for industrial employment in full and extensive detail.

    You have the chance to work on high-tech IT, marketing, sales, e-commerce, insurance, banking, and networking projects which are highly interesting and challenging. Your talents are comparable to 6 whole months of demanding industry experience when the projects are completed.

    What is the definition of UI/UX design? What makes it so important?

    A UI/UX designer has the job of developing and designing effective UIs and user experience. They ensure that the user interacts smoothly with the software and can readily and easily navigate around the software. People now demand a responsive and uniform user interface and user experience across all platforms and devices in today's quickly evolving and the modern world. It is up to UI/UX designers to deliver a consistent user interface and user experience. Furthermore, people develop deeper and deeper interactions with technology and electronics. For these relations to operate correctly, people require better reciprocation methods with computers, and they need good, skilled, capable, and competent IT/UX designers for this purpose.

    Conduct user research - UI/UX designers must investigate the behaviors, motives, and needs of users and examine them. Designers should employ several approaches for the collection of this information, including arranging user and stakeholder interviews, focus groups, internet surveys, and competitive analyses. This data is transformed into qualitative and quantitative data by designers and used to inform decision-making.

    Build Users
    UI/UX designers must build representatives of important user groups by identifying them and then turning them into people in real life. These created people may be used to mimic different real-life circumstances and to trace and study their decisions, responses, and conducts.

    User and wireframe design flow
    Designers must generate low-fidelity design representations. Wireframes are termed depictions of user journeys when interacting with a site or app, and with user interfaces like buttons or pictures. Both wireframes and users must be created by designers.


    Is UI/UX designer a good Career choice?

    UI/UX design is extremely popular in many branches, from IT, finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. It is the most rapidly developing Linkedin career, with 11.5 million positions expected to be created by 2026. This is a profitable decision for UI/UX design. In addition, there is an extremely little number of persons who have the required skills to become a full UI/UX designer. Full Stack Developers are therefore in great demand, but the supply of skilled personnel is scarce. Full Stack Developers can therefore need as many wages as they like and businesses must fulfill their requirements.

    What are the skills required to start a job in the field of UI/UX design?

    HTML, CSS, Javascript, knowledge about several platforms, customer and competitor analyses, user research expertise, the skill of prototyping and wireframe making, testing, and iterating, coordination abilities are the talents you will need to achieve a career in the field of UI/UX design.

    Who is eligible for taking the PGP in UI/UX design course from Learn N Lead?

    The following grades are looked for by firms seeking to recruit UI/UX designers –

    12th passes from the IT or Science Stream.
    B.Tech/M.Tech (Any Trade), IT, BCA, MCA, or B.Sc. For new graduates or university students.
    Professional experience of more than 1 year in any language of programming for working professionals. If you do not have UI/UX professional experience, you can still change to a UI/UX design job provided that you possess one of the aforementioned degrees. However, you need no technical or programming skills to enroll in the PGP in the UI/UX design course. We teach from scratch all the modules.

    What are the tools and technologies used to teach this PGP in UI/UX design course from Learn N Lead?

    Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Axure, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Adobe XD.

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