Post Graduate Program in Digital marketing

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

  • 12-Month Online Program
  • Multiple Live Projects
  • 100% Job Guaranteed*

  • Online Lab Sessions
  • Multiple Capstone Projects
  • 25+ Industry Graded Projects

Digital Marketing

Make your presence felt and expand your demographics.

In the coming years advertising digitally will be the most iconic concept for a brand to promotes their products on the digital platform. The source for digital marketing is the internet and with that, it can handle social media, search engines, and all the other channels to reach out to the consumers. According to the people, digital marketing is an altogether diverse platform of marketing and forthcoming customer and with the help of it to understand the behavior of the customer compared to using outmoded style.

It is a marketing technique that brings the customers and makes them interact with their marketing encouragements. Digital marketing has for its customer is that, anything that is related to building the customer's brand, writing a tweet on Twitter for identification of the brand and to create engagement, all the strategies that market the brand to make two-way interaction between the brand and customer.

According to the study, people think the terms internet marketing and digital marketing are the same but their thinking is not even close. Internet marketing means advertising on the internet only whereas digital marketing can be marketed at platforms such as subway platforms, video games, or any app.


The simple reason big companies or small companies adopt online or digital marketing is that it is profitable and backs the brands to grow higher with great recognition. You have your hands on every penny you spend in digital marketing of your brand with precise amount viz traffic, conversions, and pages with high conversion. The brand will have their total focus on the utilization of fund in digital marketing are coming out profitable or not because marketing is what going to bring them engagement and interaction and funds out of it including surplus.

Approximately there are 1.5 lakh jobs created every day in the field of digital marketing in India and the number would rise even more with no depression.

In this field of Digital marketing, the things that will help you most to pursue your career in this field are tons of experience, strategy implementation, communication skills, and creative thinking which is the most crucial one.

Being a PG in digital marketing will not be less attractive for the big business entities that to from the well-known, astonishing, highly verified, with boundary-breaking opportunities of Learn N Lead.

The course duration of Learn N Lead’s post-graduate program in Digital marketing is of 12 months with an impressive and well-updated course that will help you learn till the depth of digital marketing. Learn N Lead is the agency that provides a course that is easily be succeeded in and this PGP digital marketing course is one of them. Learn N Lead is backed with several professionals for the following PGP course with a highly excellent year of experience in the digital marketing field and would share their techniques and special knowledge with you in this course.

The instructor’s selection process is made rigid and there are only a few who get the opportunity to work here to give their best to the experienced graduates. At Learn N Lead the teaching process is way far diverse than any other education agency with 80% of practical knowledge and 20% of theoretical which altogether make their students well-brushed and upskilled postgraduates. The professionals will be rendering you the learning with the help of email, voice, and video clips. There won’t be any questionable matter from our side for the learners in the cruise of the digital marketing training program.

The whole syllabus for the PGP in digital marketing is made by keeping in account all the aspects of this field to not let the students miss any opportunity in the career ahead. Seeing the course syllabus, the reading notes are made with an utmost good concept, with high-quality language for the learners to have no difficulty while referring them. Along with that, they will have assignments, quizzes, a communication check test, and a final year project. The final year project will help the learners to know what have they learned in this PGP course by implementing their learning and understand where they stand with knowledge acquired by practical measures, theoretical measures, and actual tasks are done. Learners will have lifetime authority to go through the learning material from the program whenever they want.

So, brush and upgrade your digital marketing skill at Learn N Lead with the PGP in Digital marketing online certification course.


Why Digital Marketing

Learn how to make a brand a big player.

11 Cr

The Market Size Is 11,000 Crore and Increasing with No Breakdown.

18 L

In 2020 There Were 18 Lakh Job Opportunity in Digital Marketing.


There is a 30% Increase in Online Advertising on year on year basis.

25 Cr

Spending Was Done on The Digital Media Advertisement In 2020.


Online/Digital Marketing Is Subjected to Reach USD 24,000 Million.

On the completion this program, you will:

Learn Google AdWords, Fb Ads, Google Analytics, And SEO

Learn Content Marketing for Brand Identification and Growth

Learn Inbound Marketing, Paid Marketing, SMM, And Web Analytics

Expert In Planning, Managing and Executing Integrated Multi-Channel Campaigns

Prime Person to Lead a Team of Digital Marketers and Lead Initiative for The Organization

Understand The Working of Digital Marketing and Optimize with It.
Program Highlights

See which benefits you can derive by joining this program.

12 months online course
Collaboration made with several other organization and universities around the world to give and take learnings
Assisted with career guidance and mentorship by us and leaders
Interview preparation and resume review
Apply for digital marketing manager, content manager, SEM manager, SEO specialist, and social media
Skilled with SEO, SMM, content marketing, marketing analytics
You Will Be Certified with A Certified Trainer Certificate
Projects Undertaken
Customer satisfaction
Return on investment for diverse marketing strategies
Create and design a blog
Google search engine case study
Social media strategies for online shopping carts
Targeted marketing with Facebook analytics
Analysis & comparison of traditional marketing to digital marketing
Carry out promotional activities through coupon codes
Analysis of competitor in digital marketing
Program Curriculum

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

  • What do you mean by digital marketing?
  • Why Digital Marketing is mostly preferred in the industry?
  • Understanding the process of Digital Marketing.
  • Enlightening Brand visibility
  • Niche Targeted Traffic Concepts
  • Implementing Strategies for lead Generation
  • ways of Converting Traffic into Leads and sales
  • Ways Visitors Engagement
  • Domain Registrations
      • Domain for SEO Standards
      • Top servers for Hosting Space
      • Mapping your Domains
      • Tools to find expired Domains
    Introduction for SEO
      • Introduction to SERP
      • Types of search engines
      • How search engines work
      • SEO Importance
    Google algorithm and latest Updates
      • How Google algorithm works
      • Latest updates of Panda, Penguin & Humming Bird
      • How Panda, Penguin & Humming Bird Works
      • Fixing Panda, Penguin & Humming Bird
    Google algorithm and latest Updates
      • On-Page Optimization
      • Keyword Planning
      • keywords and its importance for SEO
      • Niche Targeted Keyword Research
      • Tools for keyword research
      • Tools for Competitor analysis
      • Steps to Fixing the right keywords Importance of Title tag
      • Importance of Meta Keyword and description
      • Website Structure
      • Static & Dynamic web optimization
      • Understanding URL’s Structures
      • Importance of Content
      • Optimizing Web Pages
      • Importance of Blogs
      • Creation & Integration of Sitemaps
      • Google Analytics and webmaster integration
      • Website analysis Checklist
    Off-Page Optimization
      • Introduction to off-page optimization
      • Importance of Domain & Page Authority
      • Importance of Trust flow & Citation
      • How to increase Domain authority?
      • Types of backlinks
      • Importance of link building
      • Types of link building
      • Do’s and Don’ts of link building
      • Strategies & Techniques for Link building (Page rank is no more)
    Local SEO:
      • Local Business Listing
      • Google places optimization
      • Improving Rankings
    SEO Reports
    • SEO Tools List
    • SEO On-page & Off-Page Audit Report
    • Monitoring SEO Proces
  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
      • Introduction
      • Promotion Types
      • Importance of landing Page
      • Tools that you should use in Social Media Marketing
    Facebook Marketing (B2B & B2C Promotions)
      • Introduction to Facebook advertising in 2016
      • Evaluating your Competitive Facebook ads
      • Working on the power editor tool
      • Creating Facebook ads
      • Creating Facebook Ads Reports
      • Create Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads
      • Studying and improving Instagram Ads
    LinkedIn Marketing (B2B Promotions)
      • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
      • Competitive analysis on LinkedIn Ads
      • Crafting LinkedIn Ads
      • Makingof Analysis Reports
    Twitter Marketing
    • Twitter Ads Campaign for Business
    • Analysis Report
  • Why Use Email Marketing at All
      • The objective behind using a Professional Email Marketing Service?
      • Blue print of Email Marketing
      • Reasons to choose Email Marketing
      • Importance of Advertising Industry
      • Difference between Email Marketing and Advertising?
    Types of Email Marketing
      • Opt-in email
      • Double-Opt in
      • Broadcast email
      • Auto Responder email
    Setting up Email Campaigns
      • Creating Landing pages
      • Design and construction
      • Completion, testing and sending
      • Creating bulk emailing campaign
      • Advanced Tracking Segments
    Tips for Email Campaign
    • Spam Violates
    • Guidelines for CAN-SPAM Compliance
    • Tips to send emails directly to inbox instead of the spam folder
    • Top email marketing software’s list
    • Implementing A/B testing to increase ROI
  • Overview of Google analytics
  • What is the mechanism of Google analytics?
  • Summary of Google analytics structure
  • Significance of analytics insights
  • The prominence of cookie tracking
  • Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites
  • Google analytics account set up
  • Addition of analytics code in a website
  • Status of goals and conversions
  • How can you setup goals conversions?
  • Bounce Rate & Exit Rate Importance
  • How are funnels vital
  • Set up funnels in goals
  • Integrating AdWords and analytics account
  • Marketing Strategies via Google analytics
  • Outline of Tag Manager
  • How to set up link tagging
  • Significance of filters and segments
  • Monitoring traffic sources & behavior
  • Web Analytics Reports
  • About Affiliate Marketing
  • Models of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to produce and convert leads?
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies and secrets
  • inaugurate as an affiliate
  • How can you make money in affiliate marketing?
  • Top affiliated networks
  • How to get accepted as an affiliate by the top affiliate networks
  • Website Planning
  • Registering Domain & Webhosting
  • Mapping Domain Name to web Server
  • Significance of Responsive
  • Creating Blueprint for website
  • Creating web pages & content (WordPress)
  • Integrating themes and Plugins
  • Engagement Options
  • Introduction – Success with AdWords Campaigns
      • Introduction to Pay Per Click
      • Advantages of PPC
      • Entities Involved in PPC Advertising
      • BluePrint of a PPC Ad
      • Properties of a Compelling PPC Ad
      • General Formula for Calculating PPC
    Landing Pages
      • Introduction for landing pages
      • Types of Landing pages
      • Creating Niche targeted Landing Pages
    Quality Score Defines Your Success
      • What is the Quality Score &what is its importance?
      • How High Should Your Quality Score Ranking?
      • Google Lets the Users Rank Your Ads by CTR
      • The Yellow/Pink Top Three Position in Google Ad Words
      • How You Can get the Quality Score of Your Keywords
      • How You Can Safeguard a High-Quality Score
      • Landing Page Quality Score Guidelines
    AdWords billing Account and Campaign Structure
      • Building the Account
      • Prepay Budget
      • Post-pay Budget
      • Billing Method
      • Monthly Invoicing
      • Keyword Grouping
    AdWords Tools
      • Keyword Tool
      • IP Exclusion
      • Traffic Estimator
      • Insights for Search
      • Ads Diagnostics Tool
      • The Google Ad Words Universe
      • Google Search Partners
      • Google Display Network
      • Google Video Network
      • Google Apps Network
      • Google Product
      • Mobile Ad network
    Settings in Google Search AdWords
      • Locations and Languages
      • Networks and Devices
      • Bidding and Budget
      • Delivery Method (Advanced)
      • Ad Extensions
      • Location Extension Example
      • Call Extension Example
      • Advanced Settings
      • Ad Delivery: Ad Rotation, Frequency Capping
    Settings for Google Ad Words Search Campaign
      • Language
      • Networks
      • Bidding and Budget
      • Ad Extensions
      • Advanced Settings
      • Broad Match Keywords
      • Broad Match Modifier
      • Phrase Match
      • Exact Match
      • Keyword Research
      • Let Google Work for You
      • Negative Keywords
      • How Do Negative Keywords Work?
      • Sculpt Campaigns with Negative Keywords
      • Building a Great Negative Keyword List
      • How Do You Add Negative Keywords?
    Google Ad Words Campaign Tracking
      • Google Ad Words Conversion Tracking
      • Linking with Google Analytics
      • Importing Goals from Google Analytics
      • Ad Words Search Funnel
    Bid Management and Your Daily Budget
      • How to Set the Right Bid the First Time?
      • The Ad Words Auction
      • Shaping Your Daily Budget
      • Small Trick for Campaigns
      • Ad Group Level vs. Keyword Level Bid Management
    Landing Pages–The Google Ad Words Extension
      • Test Your Current Landing Pages
      • Imitate Successful Ads and Their Wording
      • General Landing Page Advice
      • Remember Your Quality Score
    Optimizing Your Ad Words Campaigns
      • It’s All One Big A/B Test
      • How Much Time Do You Need?
      • Ad Optimization
      • Bid Management
      • Escalating Your Keyword List
      • Negative Keywords
      • Include Current Offers and
      • Quality Score Optimization
      • Importance of Conversion Tracking
    The Ad Words Interface
      • Networks
      • Ad Extensions
      • Dimensions
      • Which is the Metrics that you will need in Your Ad Words Interface?
      • Features in the Ad Words Interface
    AdWords Editor
      • Introduction & Importance of AdWords editor
    My Client Center (MCC) Account in Google Ad Words
    • How Do You Get an MCC Account?
  • Overview of Display Ads
  • Importance of Display Ads
  • Types of Display Ads
  • Display VS Contextual Ads
  • Working with Display Ad Networks
  • Tracking & Measuring ROI
  • Generating Reports
  • Multiple ad formats, targeting criteria and remarketing
  • Learn to adverse video on YouTube using AdWords
  • Adverse on the display network using the mobile platform
  • Overview of ORM
  • ORM Importance
  • Understanding of ORM Concepts
  • How can you deal with criticism online
  • Top 10 ORM Commandments
  • Creating a positive brand image online
  • Monitoring Tools for ORM
  • Top Examples of ORM
  • Mobile app fundamentals
      • Introduction to mobile apps for business
      • Platforms Apps development
      • Types of Apps Stores
    Launching App like Pro
      • Ways to launch App
      • Pros and Cons of App
    Make Money from App
      • Free VS Paid installs
      • Making money from App
      • Strategies for Making money from App
    APP Store Optimization
      • Introduction
      • Keyword Research
      • Competitive Analysis
    Ways to promote and market your app
      • Increasing Positive app signals
      • Strategies for Reviews to rank higher
      • Improving Apps download regularly
    Apps tools
    • App analysis tools
    • App keyword research tools
  • The course consists of the following subjects:
      • Introduction to Content Writing
      • Content Writing Process
      • Content Writing Tools
      • Content Writing and Internet
      • Content Writing Career
    The above subjects will include the following topics:
    • Worldwide web from content writing perspective
    • Social media from content writing perspective
    • Internet from a mobile user’s perspective
    • Business angle of content writing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Scribed)
    • Types of content processes
    • Content writing tools
    • Content delivery formats
    • Content marketing
    • Future of content writing
    • Selling your content online
    • Content writing as secondary source of income
    • Plagiarism
    • Content protection
    • Tags, keywords, hash tags
    • Text, audio, video content production
    • Content attributes
    • Infographic
    • Introduction to Internet Technologies and its effect on content writing
    • Introduction to CMS
    • Free tools
    • Paid tools
    • How search engines work
    • What is Search Engine Optimization?
    • Links to useful websites and blog
    • Legal implications
Capstone Projects

Test your skills and mettle with a capstone project.

Customer Satisfaction
Measure and monitor customer satisfaction for digital marketing agencies by conducting customer surveys. Customers prefer instant gratification for money spent; provide them that in a practical way with the systemic and genuine approach.

Google Search Engine Case Study Analysis
Bringing a website to the top of the search results in the Google search engine. You will use various SEO and marketing strategies to improve the page rankings of your chosen website and analyze the caste study of its journey to the top.

ROI for Different Marketing Strategies
Contact different companies and comprehend their budgets for various marketing approaches. Carry out thorough analysis of the returns that the company expect in various metrics such as Future Value, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return.

Create and Design a Blog
Develop a flair for writing and post as many blog posts as can be written creatively. Implement various digital marketing strategies on the blog and make it more attractive to visitors. Practice creating backlings and content design through the medium of the blog.


Social Media Strategies for Online Shopping Carts
Use your skills to create and develop a seamless digital marketing project which revolves around social media. Target customers who have built shopping carts but haven’t checked them out through social media remarketing.

Analysis and Comparison of T & D Marketing
Analyze and compare traditional marketing strategies to the modern digital marketing strategies. Evaluate the returns that a company receives from various components of digital marketing – RoI, conversion ratio, feedback, audience interaction.

Targeted Marketing with Facebook Analytics
Track viewers who have viewed ads on Facebook across all Facebook channels such as Facebook lite, Messenger, Desktop, Mobile app etc. with the help of Facebook analytics. Target users with advertisements at a completely granular level.
Carry out Promotional Activities Through Coupon
On the basis of coupon codes, obtain valuable data about customer behaviour and feed it into different AI-based e- commerce algorithms to predict customer behaviour with greater accuracy and improve customer loyalty.

Analyze Competitors in Digital Marketing
Evaluate, imitate, and outperform a company’s competitors in the field of Digital Marketing. Explore the various tools which are available to analyze competitor operations and strategies such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, SpyFu, SimilarWeb, SEMrush etc.

Utilize Visual Keyword Tools
Collect and make use of a plethora of keyword analysis tools which have the capability to connect to search engine APIs, retrieve most of the data associated with organic searches, perform evaluation and analysis, and deliver the best results to the users.


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FAQs & Answers

Find all the answers for your doubts

What is the PGP in Digital Marketing course from Learn N Lead and what makes it different from individual courses?

Postgraduate Digital Marketing Program has been developed by some of the leading industry professionals and is a carefully structured learning route. Even a complete newbie in digital marketing can follow the course evolution and comprehend the course content well to structure the course curriculum. As soon as you complete the course, our global teachers make sure you are a master of digital marketing.

Can Learn N Lead provide the PGP in Data Science course at a location near me??

We aim to reach learners worldwide through our course material. You may access our contents 24/7 at all times of the day, no matter if you live in India, Canada, the United States of America, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia or Australia, or nations in Europe such as the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Germany or other countries. This is because our content is 100 percent available online. In your home or workplace, you will be able to view all our content.

Can I ask for a support and doubt clearing session if I want to understand the topics at a deeper level?

You can file a ticket with the specific support team at all times, and you can provide a 24/7 question resolution. We offer help for all requests through email and video chat. If your inquiry cannot be answered in an appropriate period via email, we organize one session live with our world-class teachers, who are more than pleased to lead you through your questions.

Which kind of projects are assigned as part of the training?

Learn N Lead is assigning its students the most up-to-date, pertinent, and useful assignments. They have genuine value since our world-class teachers have carefully developed them to offer the learners practical and practical experience as they complete it. We provide you a secure and confident way via which you may put your learning and expertise into practice in an industrial environment in the real world. These projects are a component of each Learn N Lead course and will extensively evaluate your learning, abilities, and practice, getting you ready for industrial positions completely and comprehensively.

You will get the opportunity to work on high-tech IT, Marketing, Sales, Ecommerce, Insurance, Banking, Networking, etc., which is highly interesting and challenging. Your talents are comparable to 6 full months of painful and tough industrial experience after completing the projects successfully.

Does Learn N Lead provide any kind of job assistance?

Learn N Lead helps its students by offering placement support to all students who finish the course successfully and pass all examinations, projects, and tasks. We partner with several MNCs and other leading employers worldwide. You might effectively find a job at numerous excellent organizations and also big companies via our networks of connections. We also hold several free workshops and seminars on how to construct your curriculum vitae and prepare for employment interviews. We also provide counseling workshops for career mentorship and career fairs.

What is the definition of Digital Marketing? What makes it so important?

Digital marketing is a method by which customers connect through the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other platforms. Numerous marketing professionals regard digital marketing as a whole new area requiring many new ways to contact customers and various ways to understand customers' behavior in comparison with traditional marketing.

Digital marketing in today's almost full digital platform is highly crucial. Many different digital channels are released every couple of days and the companies and organizations must keep up with this or be caught up in catchup forever. Thus digital marketing tools and strategies are quite crucial for bringing your product into the contemporary demographic target.

Is Digital Marketer a good Career choice?

Many sectors, from IT to Finance, E-commerce and Manufacture to Healthcare and Retail, have a great need for digital marketing. It is Linkedin’s most rapidly expanding job and will produce 11.5 million employment by the year 2026. Digital Marketer is therefore an extremely profitable job choice. Also, there are relatively few people with the necessary abilities to become a full digital marketer. Digital marketers are therefore in high demand, although competent individuals are low. Digital marketers may thus demand the largest compensation they desire and firms must meet their requirements.

What are the skills required to start a job in the field of Digital Marketing?

A digital marketer should be able to evaluate data and develop insights to track client behavior with data. It should have organizational and project management expertise, as it very rapidly becomes complicated to operate several digital campaigns. It will also have to lead and manage projects and deliverables with internal and external teams. He should also have advanced information on social media since digital marketers must develop social media, engaged groups..

Who is eligible for taking the PGP in Digital Marketing course from Learn N Lead?

The following grades are being looked for by companies that wish to recruit Digital marketers -

• School's 12th pass.
• A degree at B.Tech/M.Tech (any trade), IT, BCA, and MCA preferable for young graduates or colleges.
• To become a digital marketer there is no bar. Anyone interested in learning can participate in this course. From the beginning, we teach all modules.

Which sectors are the capstone projects based on?

Web and social media, supply chain, business, email, banking, health, insurance, finance, accounting, etc.

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