Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics

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PGP in Business Analytics

Know your way around the Post Graduate Program In Business Analytics.

Learn N Lead has designed the following program for the professionals to stop learning and always take a step forward in their career through academic potential and guidance from us. The program will back the professionals to have industry demanded skills. Talking about business analytics, we realize it's always about the business promotion and information, validating them to proceed with a successful business decision. The course is filled with utmost knowledge for the professional, verifying the right and wrong decision, assisting the business entities with the skills, and help them reach their potential and earn profits. This PGP has tons of departments to research in and learn through it and implement them in the career potential that is deeply demanded by the professionals in the industry.

If you have the passion and appropriate interest, then enroll yourself now. The course will help you to make by-fat the most effective and successful decision for your business.


Why choose PGP in Business Analytics?
The PGP in business analytics has gained a lot more fame than any other case and has been stated to be necessary to run a business. The course renders several crucial hooks that are not offered by any other PGP course and agency. Such as skill improvement, get used to modern business analytical techniques, theoretical reading materials, and several other software. The skills grasp have been highly demanded by the well-known organization and the professionals have been of a lot of help. With the help of the professional who has turned their lives from the ups and downs to a perfectly knowledgeable professional that can help the industries with their best skills, expertise, excellence, and upright business knowledge The course will render you the expertise to analyze the insights, visions, and take better decisions from the data available. This certification has been graded as the most essential one for the survival of the business organization.


Objective & Highlights Business Analytics

Check out why you should do this course.

  • Helps the learner to understand the relationship between the business environment
  • Create and work on business theories to predict and make decision
  • Work on practical projects to get used to becoming an on-point statistician
  • Present regression analysis with Excel.

  • Requirement Criteria:
  • Graduation required from commerce, science to take up the course
  • Mathematician and statistic background students can take up the course with those having basic knowledge of it.

  • Course Delivery:
  • Training will be given through live-online sessions by the mentors and industry experts
  • Classroom training which will more practical. The theory is the base of practical instruction
  • Healthy one on one interactive sessions for better learning
  • A well versed and structured syllabus for the long run
  • The trainer focuses on building the professional with all the aspects and so that they have a successful career.

  • Benefits:
  • Understand the business analytics, reposting skills, and data modeling
  • Personalized guidance and assistance
  • Exposure of practical projects
  • Business and industry insights
  • Finding the solution to complicated business problems
  • Hands-on current case studies
  • Career support and industry exposure
  • On the completion this program, you will learn:
    Data warehousing and BI
    Power BI
    Informatica & Tableau
    DW Architecture
    Data Modeling
    ETL & Data Visualization
    Teradata SQL advanced performance optimization
    Data protection and more.

    Program Highlights

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    Online Program
    12-month online program
    Online Lab Sessions
    Learn N Lead has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organizations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.
    Program Curriculum

    An overview of what you will learn from this program.

    Capstone Projects
    Test your skills and mettle with a capstone project.
    Techniques used: Market Basket Analysis, RFM (Recency-Frequency Monetary) , Time Series Forecasting

    Techniques used: NLP (Natural Language Processing), Vector Model, Latent Semantic Analysis

    Web & Social Media
    Techniques used: Topic Modeling using 9 Latent Dirichlet Allocation. K-Means & Hierarchical Clustering

    Techniques used: Text Mining, Kmeans Clustering, Regression Trees, XGBoost, Neural Network


    Finance & Accounts
    Techniques used: Conditional Inference Tree, Logistic Regression, CART and Random Forest

    Techniques used: Market Basket Analysis,
    Brand Loyalty Analysis

    Techniques used: Linear Discriminant Analysis, Logistic Regression, Neural Network, Boosting, Random Forest
    Entrepreneurship /Start Ups
    Techniques used: Univariate and Bivariate Analysis, Multinomial Logistic Regression, Random Forest

    Supply Chain
    Techniques used: Text Mining, Kmeans Clustering, Regression Trees & Algorithms, XGBoost Clustering

    Techniques used: Logistic Regression, Random Tree, ADA Boost, Random Forest, KSVM


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    How to Get Certified

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    FAQs & Answers

    Find all the answers for your doubts

    What is PGP in the business analytics course?

    The PGP in Business Analytics is a training program that examines the growing demands of students. The curriculum mainly assists students to enhance business and data analysis theory and practical abilities in theory. They are instructed on how large company data are analyzed and the correct conclusions reached. It also supports the critical and analytical interpretation of vast volumes of information and facts and statistics created every day by an organization. Because of external trends and the fluidity of internal data, students are instructed to make daily business choices.

    Is it the right Certification course?

    Yes, it prepares you in a professional business environment for an outstanding job. It enhances your grasp of the corporate world and statistics. It helps you to make smarter choices, recognize the business transaction, calculate business expectations, and determine the finances of a firm when you learn to evaluate data. The online business analysis course is the ideal credential for students who wish to establish a successful Data Analytics profession. The qualification trains superior professionals for an efficient business, who can take the appropriate judgments.

    How is this course different from the PG diploma in business analytics?

    PGP in Business Analytics and PG Business Analytics are both certificate programs provided by numerous institutes and educational organizations. One program is full-time, one is a diploma course. We can argue that a certificate course is a preferred alternative for working professionals since it can be handled adequately both job and study. Today's certification courses provide numerous benefits over a whole certificate or a graduate course. They provide students the ability to improve their skills and to fulfill their expectations in the industry. By applying new technologies, they improve their skill levels in a shorter period, have a minimum fee, and practically little physical mobility..

    What is a career in business analytics?

    Over the years, we are all aware of the rapid evolution of business analytics. If a student takes a Business Analytics course, he/she selects the job of an analyst. Corporate analysts are employing statistics and algorithms. They seek to make a more insightful and powerful understanding of this data and to utilize them. When a company analytics professionals start a career, it gives the professional crucial insights and guarantees assistance and success in a correct and sound decision-making process.

    Why should I choose Learn N Lead?

    The devoted team of specialists at Learn N Lead is internationally recognized in the field of training and will thereafter have more than 25 years' expertise. The quality of education, overall curriculum, problem-solving strategies, learning modules, and learning materials of the teachers all help pupils prepare for a more successful future. With our 24-hour chat portal help and Live Sessions recorded, students have the chance of open-hearted learning and learning.

    Who can all enroll in this professional course?

    Every student can take this course of certification in business analytics. Students need to be mostly educated in science and trade. With a greater understanding of math and statistics, this professional course in business analysis is more suited and easier for students. Otherwise, if students from a registered and authorized university have any other adequate academic degree, they can enroll.

    What if I miss the session?

    You can access the recorded video sessions and lectures delivered by the mentors when you miss the session. They may be found on the LMS - System for Learning Management Portals.

    Do I get 24*7 assistance from Learn N Lead?

    Yes, professionals and instructors give pupils 24*7 help. The help is online. This allows pupils to resolve questions and uncertainties. The help allows students to raise and address various difficulties associated with their courses. At Learn N Lead, we always support you, regardless of what.

    What if I want extra and additional learning resources?

    The students can ask the mentors who take their live sessions for further guidance. If the mentors allow it, pupils can go to more learning resources and use them. The further learning resources must be credible and sufficiently informative for the course. Furthermore, the applicant may evaluate the credibility of the book, the journal, the research paper, the subject, or any other academic resource when they wish to integrate additional learning material by questioning the teacher who is a part of the live session and is on board.

    Is Business Analytics certification worth it?

    Yeah it's actually. Even if a student or a professional currently active does not want the job title of a data analyst, certification in business analytics will be helpful nevertheless. If you are a worker, it will add value to your job so that you may absorb industry-relevant qualifications. If you still are a student, it will assist you to get a better employment position at an entry-level with a decent incentive and salary. If a person obtains a certification course for business analysis, he or she is instantly an outstanding addition to the team.

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