Paid Marketing Campaigns via Google Ads Platform

Paid Marketing Campaigns via Google Ads Platform

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Paid marketing via Google Ads Platform

Know your way around the Paid marketing via Google Ads Platform.

This is a marketing and advertising universe. Many of you would agree and nod here since this is the New World reality! Isn't that? Certainly! We are all panic when the audience does not visit our website or blog site organically, or when we fail to attract the proper audience to our page. Unfortunately, all goes wrong and we can't advertise our service or product correctly. Google's payment service, Google Ads, comes to our support here. If a producer or company fails to reach the desired audience, Google will support and display the ad through its pay-per-click (PPC) service. This is an offer; the number of clicks is proportionate to the money the advertiser offers to the person advertising. Owners/product owners pay for the material on the market and attract adherents to the company sites! Sounds awesome and beneficial? That's it!

Come and be a game-changer for your business with the Learn N Lead course Google ads platform admittance! course description Paid marketing at Learn N Lead is a solution to a lot of difficulties through the Google Ads Platform training! After having practical knowledge and an acute theoretical and practical knowledge of how PPC advertising and pay-per-view marketing criteria function, the learner and aspirational individual may attract a large audience with the correct content for the customers. It's only a click-and-a billionaire for every website owner! You need to know the essential requirements and information on Google Ads, the Google Ads Platform, and some technical terminology you may learn when you register and, secondly, have luck with you!

Ad formats you'll learn

• call-only ads
• product shopping ads
• video ads
• app promotional ads
• image ads
• responsive display ads
• text ads
Key Aspects of Paid marketing via Google Ads Platform

Check the details of Paid marketing via Google Ads Platform.

Course Flow
Create a google ads account and set up a campaign
Create ad groups
Do keyword research
Audience targeting
Write ads
Learn tools
Optimize campaign
Learning Outcomes
Learn to drive traffic to the website or interface.
Use of conversion tracking for google ad campaigns.
Learn creation, development, and optimization of Google AdWords campaign
Learn remarketing to drive them to your website again
Understand the importance of keywords
Learn ads billing
On the completion of this program, you will learn:
PPC advertising
Digital marketing
Paid search advertising
Keyword research

Course Prerequisites
Must be familiar with google ads working
Program Highlights

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36 hours of learning
Live online session with mentors
Domain abuses mentors for spreading best learnings'
Student handout includes E-Kit for better learning
Certificate to course completion
100% job assistance
Capstone project for practical experiences
Program Curriculum

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

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How to Get Certified

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Application Form
Apply by filling a simple online application form.

Application Review
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Application Shortlisting
Shortlisted candidates need to appear for an online aptitude test

Application Finalization
Screening call with Alumni/ Faculty.

Paid marketing via
Google Ads Platform

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FAQs & Answers

Find all the answers for your doubts

What is Google Ads Marketing?

Google Ads is a marketing method that the search engine supports. In principle, it is a platform that allows marketers to post their material on a website or blog to invite and attract maximum traffic and visitors. In this regard, the role of the keywords is important. Business experts who run Web advertisements are targeting the proper keywords to assist them to reach the top of the Google Search results page. It's an internet marketing kind that's compensated and monetized.

How to become a Google Ad Specialist?

The ad experts are mostly Google-certified. Google enables candidates to participate in two tests – becoming an ad specialist for Google. Learn N Lead offers a platform to become a Google Ads platform-certified and paid marketing specialist.

What is Google Ads Training?

It is a teaching platform online that educates students to use Google Ads or Google AdWords. The pay-per-click marketing sector enables advertisers to advertise their content and allows building a viral brand presence using Google's professional services.

Is Google Ads Marketing and Training the same?

- Marketing is an internet service. On the other hand, training is given to students and students who are enthusiastic to study Google advertising and its many marketing and promotion methods. Many technical terminology and services are used to promote a certain product or service.

Will I get a valid certification after completing the course from Learn N Lead?

Yes, of course. Students that enroll using the Google Platform for Paid Marketing are certified validly and authentically. Students gain fundamental practical skills regarding the course material and are also educated in particular Google technologies to promote online content. The training shows both Google ad advertising and marketing academic and practical side. .

What are the criteria followed for paying for Ads on Google?

For various ads, Google uses different pay-out standards. Mainly, Google Ads provides its customers, advertisers, or marketers with three different payment alternatives. These payments are - automatic - Payment manual - Invoicing monthly.

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