German Language Training (A1&A2)

German Language Training B1 & B2

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  • Multiple Student Handouts
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  • Regular Assessments
  • Industry Based Trainers
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german language B1 & B2 learn n lead
German Language Training B1 & B2

Know your way around the German Language Training B1 & B2.

German is one of the most widely spoken languages spoken by 76 million people worldwide. In the present era of globalization, when companies cross geographical borders, no one can reject the relevance of this language. German is one of Europe and other areas' most popular and most popular languages.

The possibilities of your progress rise by slows and limits if you learn this language. The ideal method to achieve this is by taking a German Language course, which can be completed by a renowned institution through any professional training. With German competence, you may gain greatly from your work or grow your work. In addition, studying German also increases your mind's capacity to improve your brain's ability to quickly grasp complicated topics.

German has been used by many people all over the world in a highly distinct and dependable language. To learn this language from a recognized institute with our expert faculty's wise advice. This course gives you the information that you need to follow the essential criteria to complete the course.

You have to ask now; can I learn German online? If so, it's your response to explore this Learn N Lead language course. You will systematically study German at Learn N Lead. Bilingual is regarded to be one of the best talents that should be available for any ideal employee.

1) Hand-pick instructors from the following domains to procure the best of knowledge from them.
2) One on one arguments with the mentors in a persuasive tone that help you get the best out of yourself in general and outdoors.
Key Aspects of German Language Training B1 & B2

Check the details of German Language Training B1 & B2.

Why's of learning a German language?
Highly spoken language in Europe
Globally the strongest 3rd language
Arises business opportunities
Language of inventors and innovators
Doors for higher education
Improves job roles
Is not that hard how much
The same linguistic is share under English and Germany
Job Profiles
Work for multinational German companies with high pay and equal satisfaction
German language trainer
Can go for interpretation, media, journalism
Educators teaching German
Traveling guides for foreigners
Government officers, Tourist industry, Hospitality
Career Benefits:
Have the opportunity to work for international companies such as ITES and telecommunication business.
Learning the German language online helps you utilize your intellectual and skills in the internet field. German is claimed to be the third most language used on the internet.
Organizations such as WHO, WTO, and groups like G7 and G20 hire a profession who are well-versed with the German language.
To get hired the aspirant must be well-versed with all the concepts of the German language.
Germany is a country with tones of businesses that have a top-notch position open.
The certification will add more points for your career to work in Germany based organization and progressing.
german-language-training-b1-and-b2 learn n lead
Program Highlights

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80 hours of learning
Live online session with mentors
Domain abuses mentors for spreading best learnings
Student handout includes E-Kit for better learning
Certificate on course completion
100% job assistance
Capstone project for practical experiences
Program Curriculum

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How to Get Certified

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Application Form
Apply by filling a simple online application form.

Application Review
Admissions committee will review and shortlist..

Application Shortlisting
Shortlisted candidates need to appear for an online aptitude test

Application Finalization
Screening call with Alumni/ Faculty.

German Language
Training B1 & B2

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FAQs & Answers
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Who Can Join the German Language Courses Level B1 and B2?

Eligible to take the course are all those candidates who have passed German Language Level A1 or A2. Furthermore, if an applicant has a visa to Germany or a German-speaking nation to apply. In addition, the certification of the language course is available to individuals searching for work, study, and research in German nations. If you're a professional, it allows you to improve your abilities and pay. Furthermore, a German language course might benefit you a lot if you have a great interest in studying or teaching.

Is It Difficult to Learn the German Language Course B1 and B2?

Unlike other language classes, German is a little bit harder, because every component of the language needs to be understood. However, it is much easier to thrive on tests with the appropriate supervision and training. The more difficult a student practices, the better they learn. Our teachers who speak Native German stress speech so that it is simple for you. Even the framework of the course is designed to correct all possible issues faced by a student. Finally, the amount of work you do for German language B1 and B2 varies on a person.

Can I Pursue This German Language Course Irrespective of My Location?

Yes, you may register for the German language course level B1 and B2, regardless of where you are located. We provide lessons online or offline via platforms. To gain a deeper knowledge of courses, you can chat with our counselor. They will advise you carefully in choosing the appropriate course and the suitable place once you are in touch with our counselor.

Do I Get a Certificate After the Completion of the German Language Course?

After completing the language training, you obtain the German language course level B1 and B2 certification. The certification evaluation is based entirely on the performance and test carried out throughout the course. The less a candidate is interested in certification, the better they study it. Depending on the class mode, you can also obtain the certification online and the printed certificate .

Any prerequisites for the course?

We provide classes with minimum understanding of German for absolute beginners and participants. When scheduling your course, please remember this.

How do I enroll myself?

The course may be booked by e-mail, fax, or mail or can be booked online. The next working day, e-mail requests will be addressed. You can call our booking office by phone from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday.

What are the payment gateway you offer?

Please ensure that you make a bank transfer to us without bank charges to the Learn N Lead, other than that for the charges we incur. Bank transfers

Will I be provided with study material?

You will be provided free of charge all books and materials needed in your language study and are allowed to keep them.

How many weekly lessons are there in a course?

Usually, our intense courses include 30 classes each week. In the summer months, there are normally no classes on the first day of class, but the placement examination is given and orientation is taken.

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