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On the off chance that you are keen for the most recent advances about starting your vocation as a moral programmer, at that point this course is for you.
The Ethical Hacking Professional preparing program validates your created security ranges of abilities to prevail in the comprehensive data security field. Various IT divisions have made the accreditation a compulsory necessity for security associated posts, making it a significant confirmation for security experts.

The people are unlimited for some vocation improvement openings once they are Ethical Hacking Professional prepared. This confirmation readies the intrigued people for a job as a PC organize resistance (CND) examiner, framework support, occurrence responder, reviewer, legal expert, security overseer, and other corresponded prominent employment roles.
Ethical Hacking Professional preparing conveys you an extraordinary establishment in all the subjects you have to ace to the course Exam.
Get into down to earth extends, and secure yourself from invaders. The Ethical Hacking Professional preparing conveys a rich and organized way to deal with achieve confirmation; as an Ethical Hacker you will understand the inside and outer of digital security, beat security liabilities, and furthermore develop your insurance answers for systems around the sphere.

Audience Profile:

The Ethical Hacking Professional instructional class is best well-suited for:
  • Network security officials and practitioners
  • Site administrators
  • IS/IT authority, expert, or manager
  • IS/IT reviewer or consultant
  • IT tasks manager
  • IT security proficient, indicator, chairman, modeler, or administrator
  • IT security official, evaluator, or engineer
  • Network proficient, forecaster, director, organizer, or consultant
  • Technical support engineer
  • Senior frameworks engineer
  • Systems examiner or administrator

Course Essentials:

The course requires contenders to
  • Have a fundamental working comprehension of PCs and involvement with framework administration.
  • Familiar with measures framework executive theories

Course Objectives:

The Ethical Hacking Professional preparing will convey you a specific comprehension and you will
  • Learn the expert and specialized coordinations behind dispersion testing
  • Classify advancing scares from different sorts of hackers
  • Disclose horrendous realities about the data working frameworks can divulge
  • Recognize the amazingness of foot-imprinting on the Internet
  • Detect live frameworks by inference
  • Get by a bit by bit, no-prattle diagram to cryptography
  • Find changes between shortcoming valuations and infiltration tests
  • Lead approaches to deflect and incapacitate framework hacking
  • Protect yourself from malware, including Trojans, secondary passage, infections, and more
  • Prevent programmers going up against remote systems and versatile devices
  • Know the for and against of interruption discovering frameworks, interruption shirking framework, and web application firewalls
  • Tool counter techniques to stop SQL infusions and other database outbreaks

Course Highlights:

  • 32 long periods of preparing by The Open Group official trainer
  • Course charge is contained the Foundation and Certified Certification Exam fee
  • Course structure is acknowledged by the EC Council
  • Experiential learning with straightforward case studies
  • Actual world reasonable use of the ideas and how they can be utilized to illuminate problems.
  • The E-learning Periods with a far reaching E-book.
  • Full-length Mockup Tests
  • Advices and Approaches during sessions prepare you well for the examination.
  • Needed courseware, educates, and reference books for entrants.
  • The mix of nitty gritty investigation to offer improved learning of the considerable number of modules enclosed in the course.
  • After the session end, participants are offered with training materials, mock tests for their evaluation.
  • 1-day cash back declarations.Recorded variant of the session is accessible, whichever session missed by the candidates.
  • We serve you after achievement of the term with Learn N lead course material and recorded version.

Course Delivery:

  • Lead the points expected to clear the Ethical Hacker Professional from EC-Council.
  • Learn the why after security overseers’ exertion and safe your corporate and additionally locally established network. Shape your vocation close to turning into an expert infiltration tester.
  • We give the quality, aptitude to convincing boss highlights of the arrangement like crucial, vital assets, weights, and rules, etc.
  • At Learn N lead , all the sessions are very much headed by LVS, where the contestants can become familiar with the collaborating content with the control of the trainer.
  • The guide prepares the contestants by giving, sharing the screen, and by means of mechanical resources.
  • Learn N lead masters are an incredible observer to get the competitors learning strategies so to extend them in their chivalrous possibility.

Course Content :-

Lesson Number Lesson Name
1 Introduction to Cyber Security
2 Cyber Laws and Standards
3 Network Basics
4 Cryptography
5 Footprinting
6 Network Scanning
7 Spoofing
8 System Hacking
9 Web Application Hacking
10 Injection
11 Mobile Security
12 Web Server Hacking
13 Malwares
14 Denial-of-Service (DoS)
15 Wireless Hacking
16 Social Engineering
17 Cloud Security
18 Internet of Things (IoT) Security
19 Pentesting

Course Durations: 65 Hours

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