Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification Training


Big Data and Hadoop course is specially become a successful Hadoop developer. With learn N lead, students are provided top class
e-classes and materials by our trainers .Our study material be is designed for those hadoop concept.

What are the Course Highlights:-

When you enroll with learn N lead there would be top advantage for the students who enrolled with us and these benefits were not be provided by any other trainers .

⦁ 40 hours of instructors via live sessions.
⦁ 36  hours of the E-learning.
⦁ Mock test for enrolled students after every particular of time.
⦁ A major project based on real data.
⦁ Life time latest video access

What are the Main Course Objectives?

When students get enroll with learn N lead students will be able to be do these things.

⦁ Master in Big Data & Hadoop framework.
⦁ Able to manage big map system easily.
⦁ Master with distinct other components of Hadoop Ecosystem.
⦁ Performer Data Analytics using PIG & HIVE.
⦁ Best implementation of Hadoop project.
⦁ learn N lead will provide live sessions on Big Data Analytics using the Hadoop Ecosystem and much more.
⦁ Master the concepts of HDFS and MapReduce framework
⦁ Understand Hadoop 2.x Architecture
⦁ Setup Hadoop Cluster and write Complex MapReduce programs
⦁ Learn the data loading techniques using Sqoop and Flume
⦁ Perform Data Analytics using Pig, Hive and YARN
⦁ Implement HBase and MapReduce Integration
⦁ Implement Advanced Usage and Indexing
⦁ Schedule jobs using Oozie
⦁ Implement best Practices for Hadoop Development
⦁ Work on a Real Life Project on Big Data Analytic

What is the Course Delivery Method?

Top trainers were from google dell will help you to give the live sessions to each students personally or in classroom which will help them to clear the exam at first attempt. learn N lead will provide best in class e learning to the students live sessions.

Pre-requisites to take this course :

⦁ 64 Bit processor laptop/PC with minimum 2GB RAM (for programming practice along with sessions).
⦁ Familiarity with core java will be an advantage, but is not mandatory.
⦁ Familiarity with any database will be an advantage , but is not mandatory.

Who should do Big Data & Hadoop Developer Certification Training Course?

With learn N lead, students who are in below respective should go for big data hadoop course :

⦁ Data Architects
⦁ Data Integration Architects
⦁ Tech Managers
⦁ Decision Makers
⦁ Database Administrators
⦁ Java Developers/ Any other developers
⦁ Technical Infrastructure Team
⦁ Any working professional interested in knowing Hadoop
⦁ Any graduate/post-graduate with an urge to learn Hadoop

How to become a Certified Big Data & Hadoop Developer?

To become a Certified Big Data & Hadoop Developer, the learners are to mandatory to fulfill the following criteria:-

The first step is to get the Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training.
Then through the Training session, understand the Big Data & Hadoop concept to the framework and gain practical knowledge by experienced lecturers.
Then learners have to complete any one project and online exam given by learn N lead.
After, that project is evaluated by the lead trainer, who will give the marks.
If the individual’s or learners have any doubt or queries regarding Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training course, then they can contact at our learn N lead firm, to get more help and guidance.

Sr. No Chapter Study Material
1 Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop pdf file
2 Getting started with Hadoop pdf file
3 Architecture of Hadoop - HDFS and MapReduce pdf file
4 Configuring Hadoop Environment on Ubuntu pdf file
5 Different modes of installation - Pseudo Distributed Mode, Standalone mode, Fully Distributed Mode pdf file
6 MapReduce Framework pdf file
7 Advanced MapReduce pdf file
8 Hadoop Ecosystem pdf file
9 Pig pdf file
10 Installing and Configuring Pig pdf file
11 Pig Vs SQL pdf file
12 Hive pdf file
13 Installing and Configuring Hive pdf file
14 Hive Query Language pdf file
15 HBase pdf file
16 Installing and Configuring HBase pdf file
17 HBase Region Servers pdf file
18 Zookeeper pdf file
19 Distributed Applications and Challenges pdf file
20 Sqoop pdf file
21 NoSQL movement - Introduction to MongoDB pdf file
22 Flume pdf file
23 Basics of Hadoop Administration pdf file

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