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Agile and Scrum
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Course Description

Project Management Professional (PMI) certification is one of the most excellent and famous industry certification Program for the Project Managers. It offers a comprehensive certification program for practitioners (Master) with various levels of the Education and Experience such as ACP. The Project Management Professional in Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI ACP®) programs offer an individuals working experience in using the agile techniques, principle, practices, and tools and in their business projects, while they demonstrate their expanded professional.

Course Objectives

  • The primary objective of the PMI ACP® Certification Training is to develop the knowledge and collaboration skills, of the Agile Principles of SCRUM, KANBAN, XP and TDD.
  • Develop the expertise of implementing the multi-iterative development models for any scale of projects.
  • Expand the ability to deliver the high Velocity Stories and Epics.

Course Inclusions

  • 1-Year Free Access.
  • 21 Contact Hours Certificate.
  • 40 Day Instructor Helpline.
  • Audio Video E-Lectures.
  • Flashcards.
  • Simulated Tests.

During The Course

  • Lecture 1 : Introduction to Agile Project Management. pdf file
  • Agile Project Management Frame work pdf file
  • Lecture 3 : Agile Planning , Monitoring and Adopting pdf file
  • Lecture 4 : Agile Estimationpdf file
  • Lecture 5 : Communication pdf file
  • Lecture 6 :Agile Analysis and Designpdf file
  • Lecture 7 : Agile Quality pdf file
  • Lecture 8 : Soft Skill Negotiationpdf file
  • Lecture 9 : Value Based Prioritization pdf file
  • Lecture 10 : Agile Risk Management pdf file
  • Lecture 11 : Metrics pdf file
  • Lecture 12 : Agile Value Stream Analysis pdf file
  • Lecture 13 : Knowledge and Skillspdf file

Prerequisites for PMI ACP® Exam

  • To apply for the PMI ACP ®Certification Training Program, the individuals must require to clear PMI certification exam along with the requisite 21 PDUs.
  • The individuals must have a secondary degree and higher degree.
  • The individuals should have 2000 hours of the common project management experience and practices in the last 5 years.
  • Non-graduates, people require need 5 years/ 7500 hours of the professional project practice and experience.
  • Graduates people require 3 years/4500 hours of the professional project practice and experience.

Salient Features

  • The High-quality video lectures, Class Room Test, Course material of study, Professional guidance and simulated exams that help the Master to pass the exam
  • PMI ACP® Certification Online Training Programs have tips that are highly beneficial for this program..
  • You will be awarded by the famous PMI ACP® certificate from PMI when you clear the exam.
  • After completing this course the learn N lead students will get options for selected in top MNCs with the hike of more than 60% in the salary.

How to Become a PMI ACP® Certified Professional ?

  • First, you have to take the formal certification training in the Project Management from a Registered Education Provider.
  • We provide you PMI ACP® certification online training, where you can learn how to manage Project Professionally on the on Agile Principles, Practices and Tools in the alignment with the latest PMI guidelines.
  • The learn N lead provides best PMI ACP® certification program where you get the multi things like preparation course material , Good Contents ,a practice exam ,flashcards and lots more.
  • You can practice on over 100 well-screened exam questions. In addition, you can access our course material anytime, from anywhere, and from any device including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.
  • You would-be needed to take-up the PMI membership and apply for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam on the website.
  • You can ask all types of questions of our experts and be guaranteed answers from our qualified and experienced instructors.


PMI-ACP® stands for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner, and it is a certification that formally acknowledges your understanding of key agile principles as well as your demonstrated experience with applying agile project management methods. It is one of the most popular certifications in the project management sector, which is not really surprising. An agile organization has a significant competitive edge over its counterparts.
The PMI-ACP® adds value to a practitioner in the following ways:

1. It demonstrates a professional understanding of agile project management.
2. It increases your versatility in the various agile techniques and tools.
3. It shows that you have the ability to lead teams using the more efficient agile practices.
You need a general project experience of 2,000 hours with project teams you must have earned the hours within the last 5 years. Agile project experience is a minimum of 1,500 hours, and it is separate from the above 2,000 general project experience.
The main PMI-ACP® training requirement is 21 contact hours, where each contact hour represents one hour of class instruction.
It means that PMI-ACP® assesses the integrated set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are gained from both practical and learned experience.
Unlike methodology specific certifications, PMI-ACP® covers a broad range of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, XP, FDD, Crystal, DSDM, etc.). Also, it has strict requirements for both agile training as well as agile experience.
The exam has 120 questions, with 20 of them being pretest question that doesn’t affect your score. The pretest questions are meant to evaluate future exam questions.
Another common PMI-ACP® FAQ is whether you can re-take the exam if you fail. You have 3 chances to sit for the exam in your 1-year eligibility period. Remember that each retake will require an extra fee.
Exam fees are not included.
You can access all of our online training tools immediately upon registration. For eLearning courses you will receive your course binder via FedEx a few days before your course begins.
Our pass guarantee is simple. You must attend the entire course and complete one full-length practice exam from our online training portal. If you do not pass the PMI-ACP® exam in three attempts, we will refund your entire course tuition, provided that all attempts occurred within 120 calendar days of completing the course.
You can make payments through all leading bank’s Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit card. For any assistance, contact our Service Support Team.


Akshay Bajaj

This was an excellent course presented in a very helpful and logical manner. The course content was right to the point and priced very competitively.

Aman Choudhary

I felt the content was well apportioned, poignant and relevant to both the discipline and the test.

Pardeep Thakur

Very helpful & valuable course, i am strongly recommend it to be taken through learn N lead.

Avinash Kumar

I found it very useful and I recommend it for anyone working in the management field.

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Aspirants can get PMI-ACP® certified by following the below processes:
Step 1: Visit after completing the training
Step 2: Register for PMI-RMP exam
Step 3: Submit payment for PMI-RMP credential
Step 4: Submit audit materials and supporting documents within 90 days
Step 5: Take the exam at a Prometric Testing Center and get certified
The PMI–RMP certification requires:
A minimum 4500 hours of professional project risk management experience within the last five years and 40 hours of project risk management education if you hold a high school diploma or equivalent.
3000 hours of professional project risk management experience within the last five years and 30 hours of project management education if you hold a bachelor’s degree or above.