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Course Description

This certification is specially for those who are having their own business or working professional and want to expand their business sales rate then this certification is made for them.

The Green Belt certifies makes you a professional and responsible team leader who can easily handle their team and can work under pressure. Green Belt Training develops complete understanding of the DMAIC model in accordance with the Six Sigma principles, basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts, and skills to quickly identify non-value-added activities. The Green Belt certifies an understanding of team leadership, team dynamics, and successfully assigning team members with roles and responsibilities.

This exam is for professional team leaders who want to expand their team and want to handle their team easily. Lean six sigma certification provide tools and software that make them to handle big projects and teams smoothly Six Sigma Green Belt training teaches them how to oversee the Six Sigma projects allowing them to be directly responsible for these projects within their organization.

This certification makes you to enable to remove the defects and problems from your current projects and this will help you to find the defects that a professional face while handle company projects. This certification is mostly focused in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government, or any other type of service or product based industry Six Sigma Green Belt Training is ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their career. Here are just a few of the things you will discover in your Green belt training: this certification makes them to increase revenue from 110%.

Exam Format

There are no pre-requisites so the qualification can be checked in person by the professional when they are about to take the exam. Most prominent websites that offer the certification state no pre-requisites. You will find different levels of LSSBB Certification namely Technical as well as Functional. This exam is conducted online by the several trusted websites from all over the world after student get the full education details from e learning and e books which were provided by the learn N lead.

During The Course

    LSS Green Belt Define Phase

  • Lecture 1 : Phase Description pdf file
  • Lecture 2 : Understanding Six Sigma pdf file
  • Lecture 3 : Six Sigma Fundamentals pdf file
  • Lecture 4 : Selecting Projects pdf file
  • Lecture 5 : Elements of Waste pdf file

    LSS Green Belt Measure Phase

  • Lecture 1 : Process Discovery pdf file
  • Lecture 2 : Six Sigma Statistics pdf file
  • Lecture 3 : Measurement System Analysis pdf file
  • Lecture 4 : Process Capability pdf file

    LSS Green Belt Analyze Phase

  • Lecture 1 : 'X' Sifting pdf file
  • Lecture 2 : Inferential Statistics pdf file
  • Lecture 3 : Hypothesis Testing Normal Data Part 1 pdf file
  • Lecture 4 : Hypothesis Testing Normal Data Part 2pdf file
  • Lecture 5 : Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data Part 1 pdf file
  • Lecture 6 : Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data Part 2pdf file

    LSS Green Belt Improve Phase

  • Lecture 1 : Process Modeling Regression pdf file
  • Lecture 2 : Advanced Process Modeling pdf file
  • Lecture 3 : Experimental Methods pdf file
  • Lecture 4 : Full Factorial Experiments pdf file
  • Lecture 5 : Fractional Factorial Experiments pdf file

    LSS Green Belt Control Phase

  • Lecture 1 : Advanced Experiments pdf file
  • Lecture 2 : Capability Analysis pdf file
  • Lecture 3 : Lean Controls pdf file
  • Lecture 4 : Defect Controlspdf file
  • Lecture 5 : Statistical Process Control - SPC pdf file
  • Lecture 6 : Six Sigma Control Planspdf file

WHY learn N lead

learn N lead is one of the best certification course that is provided by us with excellence service of education through online and classroom mode across the world with top and experienced trainers which would makes you to clear the exam within first attempt.
  • Increase your personal skill set and value
  • Have the opportunity for increased responsibility, recognition and earnings.
  • Can positively impact the health and efficiency of your organization.

Exam Format

  • Test Duration: 5 hours
  • Test Length: 120 questions
  • Passing Grade: 80%
  • Test Coverage: Materials included in the learn N lead Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course


Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has many meanings and applications! It is a system of management with a goal of near perfection in business performance. It is customer focused process improvement approach to reduce variation and eliminate waste. It is a structured problem-solving methodology utilizing data and analytical tools to achieve breakthrough improvements. It is a data driven decision making mind set. In its entirety it is a powerful business strategy for sustained success.
Ideally participants are required to identify a Six Sigma project in their work area a however, its not mandatory.
The programs helps you understand concepts and apply six sigma to a business process or manage quality related job profile. You can attend a course even if your company has not formally deployed Lean Six Sigma.
No prior statistics knowledge is needed; however, a willingness to learn is required.
All participants will be provided the Lean Six Sigma GB/BB Handbook and also an international edition of Lean Six sigma tool book, a reference guide for over 100 lean Six Sigma tools.
Yellow belt is a foundational training to gain awareness on LSS methodology,
Green Belt (GB) training is for individuals with ideally 3-4 years of domain experience and who can work on LSS improvement projects. Mostly mentored by Green belts, part time quality practitioner.
A Green Belt (BB) is who practices quality full time and are usually certified Green belts who have displayed prowess in the methodology for a minimum of 3-4 projects, attended Green belt boot camps and passed certification criteria. Mentored by Master Green belts, full time quality expert.
Master Green belt (MBB) individual who has grown the ranks from GB to MBB and is performing leadership roles of the organization or managing Quality initiatives , mentor Green belts and Champion the cause of Quality.
Lean Six Sigma (LSS) evolved from quality initiatives, such as ISO and Baldrige, a quality standardization process based on hard data. The term Six Sigma originated from / in manufacturing and was developed by Motorola as a quality initiative in the 1980s, for which Motorola won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Lean Six Sigma blends the methodology of Six Sigma with the principals of Lean Manufacturing to provide a comprehensive approach to improve process and business performance.
Lean Six Sigma is a quantitative and qualitative approach that seeks to eliminate waste and reduce variation in a business process. The methodology uses several statistical (data) and lean (process) tools and techniques for Process improvement, Process design/re-design and Process management.
The impact can be both Quantitative and Qualitative and varies based on the scale of and scope of the project. Financial impact can translate into cost savings, cost avoidance, and increased capability.
All participants will be provided the Lean Six Sigma GB/BB Handbook and also an international edition of Lean Six sigma tool book, a reference guide for over 100 lean Six Sigma tools.
We offer online video classes with the facility of two-way communication between trainer and students which allows students to communicate through chat or microphone or screen share facility.
You can make payments through all leading banks Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit card. For any assistance, contact our Service Support Team.


Jennifer Crola

This course is very informative on Lean Six Sigma Process, Tools and Techniques. With any statistical analysis background, this course and related quizzes can be completed within no time.

Ajit Gogyan

The wealth of knowledge from an experienced LSS trainer along with practical exercises and real world examples made this course interesting.

Tambulk shaikh

Great course! I recommend this course to others who want to take Lean Six Sigma Green Belt!

Pardeep Kumar

Excellent course material. The trainer was very passionate and the examples chosen was simple and easy to understand. I still find it difficult to forget these examples.

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Candidates can take the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam conducted by IASSC[SR2] .
There are no prerequisites to get the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
Online Classroom:

Attend one complete batch.
Complete one project and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.

Online Self learning:

Complete 85% of the course.
Complete one project and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.